Same Day Edit (SDE)

Same Day Edit Productions: 

These SDEs are played during reception, our version listed here are unaltered, exactly how all guests viewed.

Meena & Kevin – Ceremony | Reception Venue: Puerto Vallarta

From very early on, Meena and Kevin told us that wedding videography was one of the most important elements of their day. That didn’t necessarily change our approach, but it did spark much excitement going into their celebration at the beautiful Pureto Vallarta in Mexico. We were excited to tell their story through our lenses.


Janet & Kevin – Ceremony | Reception Venue: Fraser River Lodge, Hope

It was such a long but fun filled day with Janet Zhang and Kevin. We started our shoot on a beautiful morning in Richmond with door games, then we moved inland to Coquitlam for an emotional Tea Ceremony. Our favorite part of the day was filming at the Fraser River Lodge in Hope. Janet and Kevin made a great choice choosing such a beautiful venue!


Jennifer & Brian – Ceremony | Reception Venue: Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver

Cleveland Dam was the perfect backdrop for our couple.
Sprawling drone shots and perfect pacing is how I would describe this video. 


Kini and Ricky – Ceremony: Swan E Set, Pitt Meadow | Reception Venue: Meridian Banquet Hall Edmonton

A week long celebration has come to the end. The team couldn’t be happier to be there to capture every moment of the wedding in both Vancouver and Edmonton! A huge thank you to Kini and Ricky and also their family who treated us like their own guests and fed us with so much amazing food. Here’s the Next Day Edit we created for this lovely couple.  


Irene and Sean – Ceremony | Reception Venue: Swan E Set

An emotional ceremony for our loving and romantic couple. 
This love filled video has our couple skating across the dance floor filling us with joy.

Sunny and JJ- Ceremony: UBC Boathouse | Reception Venue: Science World

A beautifully traditional Sikh ceremony blessed our amazing couple.
This video combines the romantic with epic sweeping drone shots with a beautiful reception at the Telus World of Science. 


Michelle and Jonathan – Ceremony :  Hycroft Manor | Reception Venue: Pinnacle at the Pier

Michelle and Jonathan are the couple we all wish we were.
Cute and loving whilst being classy and romantic. This Same Day Edit had the groom in tears by the end.

Danille and Richard – Ceremony: Hycroft Manor | Reception Venue: Sea Harbour Seafood Richmond

 Danielle and Richard take Hycroft Manor by storm
Their elegance and grace enthralled their friends and family.

Claire and Alex – Ceremony | Reception Venue: River Rock Casino

This same day edit features one of the most amazing receptions we have had the privilege to be a part of.
Please watch as this amazing couple dances across the stage.


Rachel and Kevin – Ceremony :  Holy Rosary Cathedral |Reception Venue: Big Rock Urban

Rachel and Kevin wanted to surprise their guests at the reception.
Everyone showed up thinking it was just an engagement party! Watch this beautiful video that surprised and shocked all their guests.

Kate and Berry – Ceremony :  Hycroft Manor |Reception Venue: Kirin Starlight

Cute, sometimes cute is just the perfect descriptor for a couple.
This fits Kate and Berry Perfectly! 

Deborah and Vincent – Ceremony | Reception Venue: Swan-e-set

Sun shining, love was in the air. Watch as this gorgeous couple celebrates at the beautiful Swan-e Set golf course.
Deborah had the theme of books for her ceremony and reception, it turned out gorgeous! 

Serina and Bobby – Ceremony|Reception Venue:  Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

This traditional Sikh ceremony combined with our wonderful couple made for a gorgeous same day edit.
They even heated things up in the evening with a fire dancer. 

Christina and Ricky – Ceremony:  Olympic Oval, Richmond |Reception Venue: Continental

Cars, who knew cars could bring people together.
Christina + Ricky booked us two years in advance so we were able to combine an enchanting winter shoot with a car filled wedding day. 

Olivia and Sean- Ceremony: St. Paul Roman Catholic Parish|Reception Venue: Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver

Once in a while you ask a couple, hey would like zombies in your SDE and they say yes and it turns out awesome!
Watch these two run for their lives so that they can spend them together! 

Joanna and Nelson- Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church | Reception Venue: Westwood plateau

Singing voices fill the church and the couple smiles.
These two filled our hearts with joy. 

Sophia and William- Ceremony|Reception: Swan – E-Set

Romance, Summer, Love.
These two get lost in each other. We invite you to also fall in love. 

Lana and Cuong- Ceremony|Reception Venue: Sutton Place Hotel

Elegance, fashion, and luxury.
Lana and Cuong showed us how you can bring all of these things together into something very special.

Stephanie and Lucas – Ceremony :  St. Helen’s Church, Vancouver |Reception Venue: Italian Cultural Center

The country soul lives in their hearts.
This song meant something special to Stephanie and Lucas. By the end, it meant something to us as well. 

Jessica and Nick – Ceremony :  Brentwood Alliance Church, Vancouver |Reception Venue: Riverway Golf Club

A wedding in his childhood church, a love to last a lifetime.
The sunset at Riverway was the perfect ending to a perfect wedding day. 

Teresa & Terence – Ceremony: Prep: Teresa’s parents home in Abbotsford | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Riverway Golf Club

Out at her parent’s farm to the Riverway golf course. These two enchanted us.

Florence & Kim- Ceremony: Hycroft Manor | Reception: Sutton Place Hotel

An emotional ceremony for our loving and romantic couple. 
This love filled video has our couple skating across the dance floor filling us with joy.


 Kaitlyn & Andrew – Morning Prep + Reception: The Vancouver hotel | Ceremony: Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral and Hotel Vancouver are the backdrops to this wonderful couple’s special day.