Do I really need a photographer or videographer at my wedding?
A: You don’t necessarily need one, though we believe photos and videos are a sentimental reminder. Giving you lifelong memories to look back on.

Why is it so hard to look for a suitable wedding photographer/videographer?
A: Not all teams work together as close as we do. Our hard work, passion and knowledge will hopefully make you choose SoWedding. We pride ourselves in making your event/wedding memorable. Have a look through our portfolio!

What’s the process when looking for videographer/photographer ?

1) Research: Find out who we are, talk, chat, spy, stalk us! We love the attention!  Then set up a meeting with our team and we can chat about our offers and your secret desires… ahem.. “expectations”, ideas, and budgets!

2) Select: Following your research, you should have an idea of what service elements to build your customized package, we will then draft up an agreement to cover them with a budget you are comfortable with.

3) Idea scratching: At this stage we gather all the ideas we have explored and develop a portfolio of this journey. It is very important to share the any ideas while being creative and innovative – thus resulting in a exceptional photoshoot sessions!

4) Capture and Post : Delivery will be as soon as the edits are done, we’d like to impress you with our work and post edit time!

What makes your wedding photos/videos so attractive?
A: *blush* 50% awesome wedding couple, Venue, decorations; 50% booze.

What’s the best wedding venue?
A:  Some of our favorite weddings happen in backyards, some in golf courses. Everyone has their own dream wedding in mind. We would be happy to share stories of our favorite spots. Send us an email!

When should I book a consultation with you?
A: We are very flexible and accommodating with meetings. Send us an email and we can book a date.

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve my wedding day?
A: We normally ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to book the day (full payment is due a week before or latest on the wedding day).

How far should we book in advance?
A: Right after the proposal.


Wedding day Questions:

Do you shoot outside of Vancouver, BC?
A: YES WE DO! We love destination weddings. In fact, we’ve done wedding in Ireland, Hawaii, Mexico, Seattle and Boston.

What is Same Day Edit?
A: The “SDE” is a short video produced from the footage of the wedding shot earlier in the day. We usually edited it into a one-song length cinematic highlight video and we usually incorporate the footage of the morning preparation, ceremony, photoshoot session and also a bit of reception which then showed at the reception as a recap of the wedding. We love doing SDE because it’s very rewarding when you see the couple and the guests eye’s light up when they watch the video. The couple can also get the video the same night.

What is Cinematic Highlight Video, Feature Edit, Save-the-Date, Ceremony and Reception Edit?
A: Cinematic Highlight Video is a 3-5 mins one song length video that is similar to the Same Day Edit. It’s also a recap of the day and we will incorporate more of the ceremony and reception speeches in it if it fits and the couples usually get the video after a month.

    Feature Edit is a longer version of the cinematic highlight video. It is usually 8 to 15mins long depends on the couple’s’ preference.

    Save the Date is a video shot after the proposal. couple often send out invitation along with this video.

    Ceremony and Reception Edit are non filter, real time timeline edit. That give the couples to experience every moment of the events without missing anything.

Who pick the music?
A: We usually ask the couple to give us songs choices but often we will give you suggestions because we have done this for many years and we get the feel of what kind of music suits our couples and the special events that will happen during the day.

how many people will be present to cover my wedding
A: Our photography team consists of a primary and a secondary photographer and our standard video team also consists of a primary and a secondary videographer.

What is the typical coverage of a wedding day?
A: Preparation, ceremony, photoshoot session, reception, and whatever else is unique to your day.

How many hours do you typically work on a wedding day?
A: We usually cover 8-12 hours consecutively, but also offer shorter hours.

What equipment do you use and do you have backup cameras?
A: Professional DSLRs And for the picky techie, we use 1D4, D3s, D800, 5D3, 5D2, L primes, gold rings…. etc.

Do you offer albums
A: Yes, we offer amazing flushmount albums in different sizes. We usually pick the photos for the first layout draft – after you approve it will take 2-3 months for printing.

Will I get to keep all the raw video footage from my wedding day
A: Yes. You can bring an external USB hard drive (500GB+) or purchase one from us

Do we have to feed you on our wedding day?
A: It depends on what you’re feeding us. We prefer medium rare filet mignon with lobster tail, finished with a white chocolate souffle … but realistically… anything is appreciated.

Are you multicultural friendly?
A: Yes! The best part of living in Vancouver is having the opportunity working with everyone of all ethnicity.

How do we pay you?
A: In Cash or Cheque or Bank Draft. We also accept exotic sport cars, exotic animals, Condos, private jets, yachts, stocks in Google. Sorry we currently do not accept Bitcoins or used clothes.